Tasked with your next team building exercise but having trouble finding something new? 

Think outside the box...let Breakout NT do the work for you. 

We do team building differently!
With Breakout NT you have two options - you come to us, or we come to you. Your choice.

Visit Breakout NT, and your team will be placed in our themed rooms.  In the room, they will be challenged to achieve a common goal before the time runs out. The escape room exercise creates a memorable experience that has a lasting impact, long after the event.  Large groups will also be challenged by having to race against their colleagues to be the first team to escape!

Bringing Breakout NT into your workplace provides a less immersive, but no less challenging experience.  Our mobile game is designed for up to 5 people to complete in 1 hour.  Book us in for a single session, half day or full day. 

We can also offer assistance with debriefing by providing you with our customised debrief form which allows players to analyse and reflect on the experience, how they worked as a team, and how they could improve. 

Our escape games not only encourage teamwork, they require it.  They also create a unique opportunity to observe individual behaviors, contributions and team dynamics.

Build rapport
Active problem solving
Conflict resolution

Uncover hidden talents
Identify hiring and promotion potential
Increase engagement and morale


Each room generally caters for 6 people, and runs for 60 minutes, but we're flexible and are happy to discuss what will work best for your team.  Whether you want healthy competition or happiness and harmony we will do our best to help you achieve your team building objectives.

Contact us now to discuss your team building needs